Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Analysis of Pop music Video - S Club 7

Within this video, you can see that
they have used a close up whilst one
of the artist's is singing. They have
used an extreme close up to show the audience that the artist has eye contact. By making eye contact, it intrigues the audience.

This shot you can see the artists of the group. They choose to show the artists because the audience can make a connection with them.

The costume that the artists are wearing match the location that they are in. they have done this to enhance the fact that the artist's are in the specific location, furthermore it creates an authentic feel and involves the audience which results in them thinking that they could be there or have the desire to.

As you can see by watching the full video, the song is the soundtrack to the whole video. It starts and ends when the music starts and ends. By doing this, it promotes the full song.

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